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CC Screen: Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Wrap-Up


The ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy has had a constant dark cloud following it around due to the plane crash of last season – and rightly so. The plane crash, while it affected a smaller amount of people than previous Grey’s Anatomy tragedies, did so in a far more real way.

Not only was there a plane crash, but it also lead to them being stranded for days in the woods. Not exactly the most bright and cheery thing. So the beginning of the season had us saying goodbye to Mark Sloan, Lexie, and Arizona’s leg.

Arizona, the previously upbeat and loving character, took a far darker turn as she became angsty and angry at everything, which is no surprise. If I had lost my leg I would also by pretty grumpy. Over the season she started to regain herself back a bit, much to the relief of Callie, who was getting pretty hammered throughout. However, the finale showed that this progress was for Arizona as a person, not for their relationship.greys-anatomy-season-9-arizona

While the finale did have a big disaster in the storm, the disaster didn’t directly affect our favourite characters the way that past disasters have. Instead, it felt like more of an aftershock.

The last season finale left such a mark, and the final twist of the knife in Callie and Arizona’s relationship felt like the end of the plane crash aftershocks.

The finale was a mix of happiness and sadness, some relationships just starting, some building, while others crumbled. It certainly wasn’t a non-emotional episode, but it didn’t have the punch that you’d usually get from a Grey’s Anatomy finale. Still, that’s a good thing, with the last one still feeling so fresh for the characters and the viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy is a rare show indeed, to be wrapping up its ninth season and still managing to deal with a large cast, changing story lines and character progression. It feels like a different show from how it started, but that’s because the characters have matured, as have the viewers, which is always going to happen when a show is about to hit a decade-long run.

It truly is impressive that it has managed to keep its characters realistic, stay away from turning them into caricatures of themselves, and created them into the family community that they are.


I don’t know about you guys, but this season finale and the new storylines that are going to be coming (whether they’re the new ground of an expanding MerDer family, or the rehashing of April and Jackson) are something I am definitely interested in keeping tuned into.

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