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Worlds of Magic goes beyond 30% of it’s Kickstarter base goal


Worlds of Magic has gathered more than 30% of the pledges it needs on kickstarter in less than a week. The new strategy game is on its way to become the spiritual successor to Master of Magic.

At the time of writing, 761 backers have pledged more than £12,916 of the £30,000 needed to fund the project successfully. Due to this, Worlds of Magic are pleased to announce two of the early stretch goals, which will enhance Worlds of Magic once the basic funding is complete.

Worlds of Magics first stretch goal will consist of a 7th faction , with its own units, buildings and features, which will be featured with the £35,000. The community will help to design that new faction, taking part in the whole process. The second stretch goal will be the addition of 20 more roaming creatures , once passed £40,000 milestone.

So, if you’re a fan of this title, get involved on this kickstarter page and help the goals to be reached!