Total War: Rome II First DLC will Add New Faction

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It seems that The Creative Assembly has already put the finishing touches on Total War: Rome II, even if they’ve only been able to show off pre-alpha footage, meaning that they will not be able to add in any more for the retail game  while it works to be released. However, that just means that they can now start working on DLC for the game when it does finally come out, which is exactly what their news was today.

Just what will be the first DLC? Well, those that have been checking out the different factions on the Total War Wikia, had a little bit of a clue when they noticed that there was an additional spot after the final faction of the retail release was announced. It seems that players will be able to download a ninth faction as day one DLC, but before players get into a tizzy, this is in-fact FREE day one DLC.

So, whose the new faction joining the ranks competing for domination of Rome? Pontus, set upon the mountains on the Black Sea, having developed from a more Eastern background than some of the other factions in the game. Because of their region’s mountainous terrain, the Pontic armies rely less on cavalry and more on infantry and ship warfare. Their opponents then shouldn’t be surprised to see the main force composed of pikemen, but should watch out for their fearsome scythed chariots.

Players wanting to find out more about the Pontus faction in Total War: Rome II can find plenty of details in the latest episode of The Creative Assembly’s Rally Point embedded below. Those looking forward to playing it however, must continue to wait as there is, as of yet, no release date for when it comes out on PC.

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