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Path of Exile: Season Two Race Events


Grinding Gear Games is pleased to announce their free-to-play MMO title Path of Exile will begin season two of its race events starting April 20th. These race events are separate from the main stream game dealing with new characters to test players in skill and luck. This time around Grinding Gear Games has made some changes to the events concerning prizes and their availability. Those participating can expect to gain an award by at least completing one of the goals given during the race event. Thus, everyone can join in on the fun of gaining a new item.

Another new addition to the race events will be the inclusion of “significant events” where each player will take on a solo mission and be measured on completion time as well as mission objectives. The top player in each class will receive a prize similar to those that complete top 20 overall during the season. Season two will last for six weeks from April 20th to June 2nd. To learn more about this competition, follow the Path of Exile link (here).

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