Indie Royale’s The Debut 2 Bundle Takes Centre Stage

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Indie Royale released their newest Steam Greenlight based bundle. The Debt 2 Bundle features six titles vying to be Greenlit on Steam. Nyu Media’s hack and slasher Croixleur, Goodhustle’s first person boxer Beast Boxing Turbo, Wraith Entertainment’s loot based space sim Dawnstar, Key17Games’ 2d RPG Battlepaths, MiniBoss’ puzzle platformer Out There Somewhere, and Tricktale’s random dungeon crawler Diehard Dungeon. Those who pay more than $8.00 will receive Bright Primate’s album The Reality Chiptune Love Industry.

Buyers can name their own price, as long as it is above the current minimum. The titles are available as DRM free downloads and Desura keys. Buyers will receive Steam keys as the titles are Greenlit.

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