Atomhawk’s “The Realm” Looks to Crowdfunding

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continues the trend of big time game developers using Crowdfunding sites to launch games. Renowned for their graphic contribution to massive hits like DmC, Dead Island, Mortal Combat and Enslaved, Atomhawk has teamed up with Lantern Interactive to bring us a new point-and-click adventure.

Bringing their iconic graphic eye to the table, Atomhawk have created a post civilisation world where nature has taken over the cities. Having given up technology, humanity has returned to the use of magic.

The Realm‘s story follows Sarina and Toru, a young girl and her giant rock monster. Ron Ashtiani hopes to evoke the emotive responses of games like Ico, while generating an experience like Monkey Island. They believe ₤195,000 will get them over the line.

Participating in the Kickstarter will reap you the usual goodies. There’s plenty for pledger’s to get out of this campaign outside of a gorgeous looking game. You can have a portrait of yourself in the game’s style drawn by the artists themselves, be taught the ins and outs of game music composition and art master class, a visit from the developers and limited edition art.

There’s a lot here to love, if you like supporting this model of games production The Realm deserves your attention.

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