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Anno Online Closed Beta Online Now


Ubisoft has announced that Anno Online’s English closed beta has now opened. The latest game in the Anno series, Anno Online takes the fundamentals of strategy and city-building online in a MMORPG environment (hence the name). We reviewed the last game in the series Anno 2070 and we didn’t think it was that bad.

The latest instalment is a free to play web-based game, with the main goal for players this time around: to bring life to their islands. A direct gaming mechanism taken from 2009’s Anno 1404, however you won’t be alone as players can cooperate with friends thanks to a new guild system.

This new feature will allow them to create their own guild, name, and a guild tag. Up to 25 members can be invited into a guild and establish a strategy thanks to the guild chat channel.

For more on how to access the closed beta, head on over to Anno Online’s official website.

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