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Aniplex purchases rights to Valvrave the Liberator


Though the series has yet to be released, Aniplex USA has already purchased the rights to Valvrave the Liberator. As an original project of Sunrise, the studio behind Tiger and Bunny, Cowboy Bebop and numerous mech anime, Valvrave may prove to be another hit series, something that Aniplex is surely hoping for.

The series itself is set in space. In year Shinreki (True Calender) 71, 70% of the human race no longer lives on Earth due to the creation of a space city known as the Dyson Sphere. Amongst the Dorrssia Military Pact Federation and the Atlantic Ring United States (ARUS) lies a small neutral nation known as JIOR that is economically prosperous. When the Dorrssian Army invades JIOR, high school student Haruto Tokishima discovers the mysterious humanoid weapon Valvrave.

Only time will tell if this will become another hit Sunrise series. Check out the trailer below and get a look at Valvrave in action.