Willem Dafoe Joins Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls

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Today, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has confirmed to us the long-held rumour that Willem Dafoe would be starring alongside Ellen Page in Quantic Dream’s ‘Beyond: Two Souls”.

Dafoe (Platoon, Spider-Man) are Page (Juno, Inception) represent, not the power of Hollywood, but the power of video games and its advances in storytelling technique/proficiency. Never before have two brilliant actors such as these lent not only their voices to a video game project, but also their likeness and motion capture performance.

David Cage, the writer and director of BEYOND: Two Souls, said; “Ellen and Willem were cast for their immense talent and they bring with them the same passion and dedication you would see in the movies they star in. Never before have I seen this calibre of acting performance in a video game.”

Watch this behind-the-scenes featurette on Willem Dafoe joining the cast and his thoughts on the game and the entire mo-cap experience, which is very new to him. Below that, we also have the first gameplay trailer featuring Dafoe in action as his character Nathan Dawkins – “an enigmatic scientist working for a government division studying paranormal activities.”

BEYOND: Two Souls – Willem Dafoe Behind the Scenes Trailer

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