The Walking Dead: Game of the Year on Sale Now

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Telltale Games is offering a huge sale over the next few weeks for The Walking Dead across multiple platforms including iOS, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PSN!

Until April 10th, the iOS version is offering a 40% discount for ep 2-5 at $2.99 each and over 30% discount off the Multi-Pack [Ep2-5] at $9.99.

Xbox LIVE Marketplace is selling ep1 for free and a 50% discount off ep 2-5 until April 1st.

PSN in the UK and the Rest of Europe has made episode 1 free for all users, 50% off ep 2-5 for PSN Plus users and a Season Pass, with 25% off for regular users and 60% off for PSN Plus users up till April 3rd. Germany is offering the same PSN Plus 50% discount for ep 2-5: 50%, however the Season Pass is 50% off for PSN Plus users.

From April 1st-16, PSN in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina is offering episode 1 free for all users, ep 2-5 at $3.99 each for regular users and $2.99 for PSN Plus users and a Season Pass, at $14.99 for regular users and $10.49 for PSN Plus users.

Don’t miss out on playing the award winning series of 2012!

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