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Runaway: Twist of Fate Now Available


Brought to you by Bulkypix, Runaway: Twist of Fate Part1 is now available for $5.49 and can be purchased on the App store here. Runaway: Twist of fate is a dark and humorous adventure game with graphics worthy of a 2D animation movie.

In Runaway: Twist Of Fate the main character Brian has been accused of murdering Colonel Kordsmeier. In order to avoid his sentence, Brian fakes his own death. With Brian’s loyal sidekick Gina, they start an investigation of their own. You will meet dozens of charismatic characters in many colorful settings, while solving up to 200 riddles and puzzles.

If some challenges are too hard, there is a clue system in place to help guide you in the right direction. You will play as both Brian and Gina, alternating roles in each chapter. The App will be divided into two parts because of how large it is.

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Mari Shishido
Mari Shishido
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