Prey 2 teaser site countdown leads to fan site; fans despair

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Well… you remember when Bethesda mentioned that that Prey 2 teaser website which had been giving fans hope was “not something we’re doing” and claimed to have no idea who was behind the teaser site? Well it turns out that wasn’t just marketing spin, the companies literally had no clue who was doing it.

The reason for this is that the “Alien Noire” website countdown has finished and rather than reveal some major news for Prey 2 it has instead changed into a fan site that is just trying to get a petition going to get the game finished and put to market. While a great way to show Bethesda that fans still want the game, Bethesda has stated that the website “appears to be a fan site” and that they still “have nothing to do with that site.” Oh well… perhaps those hopes that the game may not have been cancelled after all may have finally gone out. Balls in your court now Bethesda.

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