Neverwinter Online – Devoted Cleric Montage Trailer



Neverwinter is home to many forms of adventurers. While some prefer mastering a single weapon or keeping to the shadows, others are fully devoted to their god’s cause. Such is the life of the Devoted Cleric. An intelligent spellweaver that conjures both restorative and damaging spells to aid companions in combat, the Devoted Cleric makes for an excellent leader on the everlasting battlegrounds of Faerûn. Any party should be fortunate to have this class present for not only restorative means but also to repel many dark creatures that plague the Material Plane.

To see the Devoted Cleric in action, look at the montage trailer below for Neverwinter Online in-game footage. Tell us what you think of this character class in the comments section below. To learn more about the Devoted Cleric click (here).

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