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Banished Gameplay Alpha Build Video


Banished is a city building strategy game with an emphasis on survival that is currently being made by Shining Rock Software. In this indie game you control a group of exiled travellers trying to build a new life for themselves. You need to keep these people alive and grow the population into a successful culture. The people in the the town will be born, grow older, work, have kids, and eventually die.

One of the biggest challenges of the game will be winter, but everything you need to survive it will come at a cost. Clothing supplies will cut into the forest, which will lower the number of deer for hunting and the cures for diseases can only be found in the forest. Just building more houses will not make people appear either, you have to keep your population healthy in order to make them have kids.

Banished will keep the way you play completely open, with all options for buildings and occupations for towns people available from the beginning. You choose your own strategy in keeping the town alive.

For more information on the game at Shinning Rock Software’s website, click here. You can also follow Shining Rock Software’s twitter here, and like their facebook here. 

Check out the gameplay video below.

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