Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons Announced

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For the Nintendo Virtual Console on handheld devices. If you’re an owner of the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo DSXL then if you live in Japan you will be able to purchase two of the more charming The Legend of Zelda games available, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.

The games were originally released on the Gameboy Colour system and were highly regarded in their time as great games. By using special codes you could unlock elements of one game and put them into the other, same as if you had a link-cable and two Gameboy devices.

It’ll be interesting to see how these ports handle. The game is released the 27th of February, 2013. No word on an English release just yet.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.


  1. Oh wow, my first Zelda games. Seasons, then Ages.

    Never did finish Ages, I couldn’t work out how to get through the second dungeon.

  2. I completed it, if I could remember the solution I’d give you a hand 🙂

  3. Finally…took them long enough to bring these back.

  4. Seems like the only reason I have a 3ds is for Zelda ports and remakes.
    My personal 3ds library :
    Zelda 2
    Links Awakening DX
    Four swords
    The Minish Cap
    OoT : 3D
    and i’ll buy ages / seasons. and majoras mask 3d when they release them.
    I also have the rest of the ambassador games but I dont ever play them, mostly because i played the original games to death, zelda wont ever get old to me though.

  5. Ages is one of the hardest Zelda titles , it had very complex puzzles for a GBC game.
    I think Zelda 2 is still much harder overall though.

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