Week Two’s Champions of Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Battle Arena

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Week 2 of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment’s Injustice Gods Among Us ‘Battle Arena’ is in the books. And here are the winners of this second batch of “Super Fights”, as voted by you, the fans:

First up we had the interesting mash-up of The Flash and Shazam! Barry vs Billy…okay, it sounds really bland when using their vanilla government names. This confrontation was always poised to be held at a blistering pace with both combatants exhibiting superhuman speed. But who edged out the other? Watch the battle video below to see the results.

The Flash vs Shazam!

The second fight of the week was between the maniacal, homicidal evil genius that is fan-favourite, The Joker, and an equally intelligent and crafty Lex Luthor. In this case, the realistic outlook would be that Lex would destroy The Joker in his battle-suit, but popularity itself can be overpowering. Did you, the fans, vote based on popularity, or logic? Check out the battle results below to find out.

The Joker vs Lex Luthor

Remember to visit injustice.dccomics.com to cast your votes on all future battles. For those who are unfamiliar with the competition, its rules or the prizes at stake, go here for more information.

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