Real World Racing – Open Beta Demo

PC Racing

Playstos has released a demo version of their upcoming title – Real World Racing. The title is a top-down racing game that features real topographic maps taken from satellite imagery. The developers have done this to give players the feel of racing in our physical world. Touched up with 3D environment effects, racing from a bird’s eye view will have you looking at cities around the world in a different perspective.

RWR Open Beta Demo Features:

  • Online Multiplayer up to 16 players
  • 3 Tracks from the final game, set in Rome, Berlin and London
  • 6 Cars from the middle point class in the final game
  • Single Player Arcade Mode
  • Time Trial Mode
  • Garage for car browsing and customization

To gather further analysis of Real World Racing take a look at our preview of the title (here). Play the open beta demo by downloading the title at the Real World Racing website.

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