New trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods

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A new trailer for the upcoming film  Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods has been released. The trailer goes for just over a minute and showcases the Z warriors attempting to take on Bills and Whis, the God of Destruction and his assistant.

The trailer revealed a few more interesting plot points. Bills is out to destroy earth and easily outclasses the Z warriors current power levels. One of the Saiyans (presumably Goku) transforms into a Great Ape, something we have not seen, at least in the main DBZ series, since the Saiyan Saga. After that, Bills and the narrator both comment on a “Super Saiyan God” appearing. V-Jump Magazine teased this in their latest issue and it is looking likely this will be an entirely new form of Super Saiyan.

The movie is set for a release in theaters throughout Japan on the 30th of March. You can view the latest trailer below.

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  1. looking forward to this, i just hope they do a decent English Dub for this 🙂 i watched DB/DBZ Eng Dub so it’s jarring for me to do otherwise lol

  2. Im with you Robin, I’ve mainly watched the English Dub all my life so I’m really hoping for an English release, hopefully with another fan demand it will happen!

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