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Spent Valentine’s Day sad and alone? It’s ok! There are cheap video games to keep you company!

Steam is celebrating their official Linux release with a huge sale on games supporting Linux. Also, those who play Team Fortress 2 on Linux will receive the Tux Penguin to carry around in game. There are several titles in the Linux Sale that I highly recommend. As usual, I highly recommend Crusader Kings II. I know this game is constantly on sale at 75% off, but its an excellent strategy game. Most of the DLC is also on sale for 75% off. I also recommend Amnesia: The Dark Descent which is 75% off. Those with severe motion sickness from video games might want to be careful, as they will have to tweak the game a bit (there is an excellent thread with some advice here), but it is considered one of the scariest games ever made. If you’re into first person shooters, there are some good choices available. Killing Floor is 66% off. The game is a co-op FPS where players will need to hold out against the ever advancing horde. There is also the Defence Alliance 2 mod pack and the Steam Workshop available for this game, which will extend the replay value.  The deal isn’t the best, as the game does go down to 75% off once in a while, but if you’re a Linux gamer needing to stock up right now on games, it isn’t that bad of a deal either. I wouldn’t recommend picking up Serious Sam 3: BFE from the Linux deal. Instead, pick it up at Indie Royale as you will get a Serious Sam 3 and a few other games for two dollars less. I also highly recommend picking up Bastion for 75% off. It is a masterfully crafted game that should be on everyone’s video game bucket list. There are a ton more excellent deals that I just don’t have time to mention. Check them all out here. The sale ends March 1st.

Torchlight II and Castle Crashers are both 50% off for Steam’s Weekend Deal. Castle Crashers quickly made its bones on the Xbox 360 as a must play Xbox Arcade game. Due to this, it has full controller support. Round up three friends and buy a four pack of the game to save even more money. If you don’t already own it, you must buy Torchlight II. If you didn’t like the direction Diablo 3 took, then Torchlight II will make you forget about the tears shed. Although it’s delayed, developer supported mod tools and Steam Workshop support is in the works. Some impressive mods like the SynergiesMOD has already been released sans mod tools, so the future only gets brighter for Torchlight II owners.

GamersGate is also hosting a huge sale this weekend, knocking down the price of the Civilization series to 50%-75% off. Those new to the Civilization series are highly recommended to pick up Civilization V and the Gods & Kings expansion pack at the bare minimum. The GOTY edition is also on sale if you want to get a head start on some of the DLC. I wouldn’t bother purchasing any more DLC with the GamersGate sale as they are only 50% off for the most part. Those who have been sucked into Civilization V and are finished with all the mods and are still looking for more are highly recommended to purchase Civilization IV complete edition. Although it does not activate on Steam like Civ V, Civilization IV is considered by Civ fans to be the best game in the whole series. The Complete Edition contains the base game and both expansion packs.

Get Games is also holding a pretty big sale this weekend, running two themed sales. A selection of RPG games are on sale. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is on sale for 75% off. I absolutely love this game, its an excellent fusion of FPS game play with strong RPG features. Unfortunately The Missing Link isn’t on sale too. Check out our review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution here. Endless Space is also 50% off. If you’re looking for a turn based strategy game in space, give it a roll. The Emporer Special Edition adds a few extras, but is entirely optional if you’re looking to save a few dollars. Read our review of Endless Space here. Check out all the RPG games on sale here.

Get Games is also running a sale on Kalypso games. Games are 50% to 75% off. I personally recommend Tropico 4. The game is filled with wit and is an excellent city building type game. All hail El Presidente! If you own Tropico 3 and are happy with it, you can probably avoid 4 as the game seems to be more of a tune up of three versus a ground up remake. Shoot ’em up fans should check out Sine Mora on sale for 50% off. The game is an excellent modern example of the genre. Check out the full sale here.

Greenman Gaming has another 20% coupon code out. Use GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS at check out to save an additional 20% on most games, including ones on sale. Max Payne 3 and the Season Pass on sale this weekend. If you pick up Max Payne 3 or the Season Pass on its own, its 66% off. If you choose to pick up both, check out the Complete Pack which is on sale for 75% off. I really enjoyed the single player campaign of Max Payne 3. The multiplayer is a fun change of pace, but didn’t quite capture my long term attention. So if you’re looking to save some money, stick with the base game. Check out our review of Max Payne 3 here. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is also on sale for 50% off. I personally enjoyed this melee FPS game. There is an incredible amount of skill involved and the objective mode is just tons of fun. Stacked with the 20% coupon, this is the cheapest price out there.

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