DriveClub Announced for PlayStation 4

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In the past, PlayStation consoles have always launched with a racing game, whether Ridge Racer or Gran Turismo.  This time around, a new challenger enters the race.

Evolution Studios, developers of MotorStorm, have announced their inaugural PlayStation 4 title.  With its focus on team-based racing, DriveClub will come to the PlayStation 4 with all of the detail you were wanting from a Gran Turismo game and more.  DriveClub features extremely detailed real-world cars.  The developers even went so far as to model the leather and suede on the interior so the lighting is correct on it.

DriveClub will feature team-based challenges instead of focusing on a set of races.  Also, like a squad-based first person shooter, DriveClub will reward players based on how well they do in conjunction with their club – the online team they choose to race with.  DriveClub looks to be everything Gran Turismo fans could hope for and more.

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