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Umbrella Corporation found in real life?


Could Resident Evil’s Umbrella Corporation really exist? Is there really such a corporation out there developing the deadly T, G or C Virus to create deadly BOWS?  There might be. Today we’ve come across some news that could possibly hold water to this theory.  A Chinese company going by the name of UMBRELLA, JiangSu Umbrella Bio-Technology located in Jiangsu Kunshan Development Zone, Science Park Square Qianjin, China are using the same UMBRELLA logo (see image above) and are also in the science, research and development industry providing the following agricultural services :

Provide quality supply of pesticides, including fungicides, insecticides, fertilizer, regulators, original drug supply, including topiramate efficiency Long, amine fresh fat, 5 – nitro guaiacol sodium, regulator formulations, as well as the formulation of screening services. Individual plant protection and technical training. Provide all base sets diseases, high yield cultivation solutions. Enterprise indoor the virulence test reports, field trials design guidance, implementation

Now could this just be a front for something bigger? Remember the Umbrella Corporation also had a front as well, and that was developing Pharmaceutical products for the benefit of human kind.  But in the background they were up to some pretty scary stuff.  Could Umbrella Bio Tech be up to the same thing.  Fans of the Resident Evil series will know all too well that there were some deadly plant BOWS in both Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2. And on top of all that in Resident Evil 6 a Bio Terrorist attack was launched in China turning nearly everyone into mindless Zombies.

These are facts and theories I’ll leave with you to ponder upon, Also check out the official website here. and note the first 2 initials of the site,  BHSKJ.com  (BH = Bio Hazard)  … hmm.  Comments, suggestions, theories welcome in the comment section below.