Pokemon X and Y protagonist design revealed

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During Nintendo’s Pokemon Direct conference among the revelation of the newest installments in the long running franchise Pokemon X and Pokemon Y was the revealing of the game’s new protagonist.

The new protagonist can be seen above in male form. The female form of the protagonist was shown briefly but not in a clear enough manner to get much of an idea of design. The male wears a red cap with sunglasses seated on top of them and a blue-ish tracksuit like attire.

What do you think of the new Pokemon protagonist? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Whats with the whole blue and red getup for the males for 3 games in a row!

  2. I’ve heard you will be able to customize your character eventually though. The person who mentioned this is just a close friend of mine but I’m not going to assume it is true. Who knows though, maybe customization will be possible. I also agree with Ryutto’s comment.

  3. I think this character design is terrible. Unless they allow customization, and this is just the default.

  4. It’s horrible, he looks like a girl
    The hair for starters then the fancy sunglasses….goggles fair enough but sunglasses….thats more of a female thing.

  5. yeah heres how nentendo goes when disigning the guy for pokemon “oh i know lets go with a blue and red again i’m sure nobody going to get sick of it” “um i think they are so why don’t we go with a black and red like the bird-thing” O.O “um.. boss? you ok?” OUT! NOW” thats how i think it goes something like that.

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