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Ninja Throw Sneaks Onto Android


A true ninja is swift.  A true ninja is accurate.  A true ninja…can use the wind and telekinesis to alter trajectories and strike their mark.

Chillingo, publisher of popular mobile games  Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, has announced their newest title to be released to the Android platform – Ninja Throw.  Developed by Hadron Solutions, Ninja Throw is an arcade puzzler where you must throw a shuriken and ring a gong on each level.

According to Chillingo’s website, the game features:

  • Bang the gong in each stage with your shuriken. But sometimes that requires ricocheting around tricks and traps.
  • Use your Sensei’s mystical powers, such as telekenesis, to bend the path of your throwing stars.
  • Complete stages in as few throws as possible (and as fast as you can) to rack up high scores.
  • Perfectly paced for gamers of all ages, but expert players will find deep challenges in using the fewest stars.
  • Excellent soundtrack sets the scene for this puzzle-adventure.

You can also check it out on Google Play here.

Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan
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