Inu x Boku, Nisemonogatari and Hiiro no Kakera licensed by Hanabee

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Hanabee have just made 3 surprise announcements by way of hidden easter eggs on their official website The 3 new titles were all well hidden but not well enough to slip past Hanabee’s dedicated facebook following.

The 3 easter egg announcements were that Hanabee has acquired the license for the following titles:

  • Inu x Boku – a 2012 romantic comedy anime series by David Production (April 2013, DVD & Blu-Ray, Dubbed)
  • Niseomonogatari – part of the popular monogatari series, aired in 2012 (Part 1 May 2013, Part 2 June 2013, DVD, Sub-Only)
  • Hiiro no Kakera – a 2012 anime adaptation of popular otome video-game (April 2013, DVD & Blu-Ray, Dubbed)

These certainly make for some great pick-ups from Hanabee, especially given the fact that they are all very recent anime series. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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