Guild Wars 2 – What’s next?


Guild Wars 2 has become quite the success in the MMORPG market and won several awards including Capsule Computer’s own Game of the Year Award for Best PC Game of 2012. So what’s next for this online giant? Coming January 28th a prologue to a multi-stage narrative will be introduced inferring many additions to the title’s existing content. Named as the Flame & Frost Prelude, the story commences as both sky and earth enact destruction on the inhabitants of Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. As the refugees flee south to seek shelter from this new adversary, a call to arms is requested in aiding your fellow man.


Here are some features that you can look forward to see in the future update:

  • Temple of the Silent Storm Week – (Jan. 28 – Feb. 4) Two-team/single round paid tournaments will replace eight-team/three round tournaments. After this grace period, both will be be included as paid and free tournaments.
  • Improved Achievement System – New rotation of daily achievements is being added as well as a new UI tracker.
  • New Achievement Laurels – Performed daily achievements may grant your player with a brand new laurel. They can possibly be traded in for Ascended gear and Infusions…
  • Guesting – No longer will you be able to freely move from world to world. However, guesting will allow you to play with friends on a different world granting you are in the same region. Guesting will have some restrictions.
  • New Utility Infusions and Ascended Amulets – New gear coming in with the addition of the laurels. 5 Utility Infusions and 30 Ascended Amulets ready to be traded for.
  • More Upgrades and Improvements – UI appearance, World versus World, and dynamic level adjust system are all getting some tweaks. Stay tuned…

And certainly that will not be all that Guild Wars 2 will be pushing out, but it is a fair amount to be excited for. If you have a suggestion for the GW2 team, let us know in the comments below.

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