Demon’s Souls Coming to PSN On Tuesday

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That’s right Souls fans! Predecessor to undeniably difficult, brick-wall of a game, Dark Souls is coming to the PlayStation Store next week (and it’s no less of a wall itself). Announced by Atlus here on the Official PlayStation Blog; fans of the original may remember their epic journey to halt the Old One and retract the evil fog that so engulfed Boletaria almost two and a half years ago. Known for being almost less accessible than its aptly named sequel, Demon’s Souls puts players through their paces with horrendous boss fights, always challenging combat and a creepy world in which any mistake means certain death.

Releasing on January 8th (this Tuesday coming) for the nice price of $19.99,  this digital download of Demon’s Souls will allow long-time veterans and fans to re-experience their glory days; while newcomers will get the opportunity to see why the game is so acclaimed worldwide. Don’t forget your bags of Moon Grass and remember to watch out for that devious Yurt!

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