Dead Space 3’s Kinect trailer shows off useful voice commands

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In recent years it has become the nature of the beast to scoff at anything that isn’t tied to the basic controller, whether it be touch, motion or voice commands. However when done right, these extra control methods usually make gameplay a better experience.

As such, many people are still unsure of how Dead Space 3 will handle the various voice commands that players will be using, and as such EA and Visceral have released the below trailer showing off a number of commands the player can give the Kinect, including a number of co-op specific voice commands. Obviously Kinect support is only for the 360 version of the game, and will not be usable on the PC and PS3 platforms.

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  1. This isn’t Kinect, it’s using the microphone built into Kinect. £80 for a microphone is a bit steep! So why don’t they do this for PC and PS3? You can get mics on those. How much is microsoft paying them so they don’t?

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