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BulkyPix is starting 2013 right with a big sale on some of their best 2012 titles.

Hollywood Monsters is now $3.99. The game is a humorous point and click adventure game that is known as The Next Big Thing on PC. Check out our review of Hollywood Monsters here.

Hidden Runaway is $0.99. The game is a casual hidden item sequel on the classic Pendulo Studios point and click adventure.

Autumn Dynasty is priced at $4.99. Players will lead an army to defend the Autumn Empire and bring peace by drawing brush strokes on the map. The game is presented in classic Asian art that creates a unique style. Check out our review here.

Another World is $1.99 and will provide players new and old a chance to play the classic 1991 adventure. It features completely remastered sound and the option to play with the classic or updated HD graphics designed for the iPhone and iPad.

Jazz: Trump’s Journey is $0.99. Players will get a chance to explore jazz legend Louis Armstrong’s life by living Trump’s memories. The platformer features a specially composed jazz soundtrack exclusive to Jazz: Trump’s Journey. Check out our review here.

Yesterday is priced at $3.99 and is Pendulo Studio’s first attempt at the thriller genre. Pendulo is famous for their point and click adventure games. Yesterday brings player on a quest to hunt down the serial killer murdering beggars in New York. Check out our review here.

And finally, Kung Fu Rabbit is $0.99. Rabbit will use all of his most graceful Kung Fu skills to rescue his rabbit friends from the Universal Evil in this action packed platformer. Check out our review here.

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