Wreck It Ralph comes exclusive to Nintendo Wii, DS and 3DS

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Nintendo owners can get ready for some wrecking action as Activision have announced that Wreck it Ralph has been released exclusively for the Wii, DS and 3DS systems. The all new story extension to Walk Disney Animation Studios upcoming movie, Wreck it Ralph joins the misunderstood hero of the story Ralph and his trusty sidekick Fix It Felix Jr as they defend their cyber home from the malevolent Cy-Bug invasion. Players can either choose to use the heavy handed Ralph, pounding their way through Cy-Bug attacks or Fix It Felix who can resist putting all the carnage back together. Join the 8 bit heroes as they smash their way onto one of your favourite Nintendo consoles today.

For more information about Wreck It Ralph for your favourite Nintendo console please visit www.Activision.com

For more information about the movie please check out www.disneyanimation.com

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