Planetside 2 Ultimate Empire Showdown Event

Coming on January 25th is the Planetside 2 Ultimate Empire Showdown event where players must choose a factions leader to follow into war against the other factions in the game. The leaders are current gaming icons in the Planetside 2 gaming sphere. From what I can gather, these leaders are players that have gone out of their way to create media content based on the franchise, like training videos and the like.

For the New Conglomerate team, we have the leader: Seananners who seems like a pretty cool guy. On the Terran Republic, we have the leader: Total Biscuit, who wears a nice suit. And then on my team, the Vanu Sovereignty we have: Tobuscus who seems to be more interested in goofing around than being useful.

For more information, be sure to visit the Ultimate Empire Showdown page and the Official Video, embedded below.

Benjamin Webb
Benjamin Webb
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