Green Jelly bounces onto itunes

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For those you truly crave a challenge and want more of a thinking mans game combined with intense gameplay all presented in a quirky humorous way, Green Jelly might just be the game for you. Using similar game mechanics as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, Green Jelly looks to be one of those games that will drive you crazy with rage at times whilst leaving you calm and in a state of Nirvana at others with a simple concept of guiding a blob of green jelly back to its Gingerbread home, something that is much easier said than done.

With 60 levels set over 3 environments and chock full of obstacles and traps designed to keep the poor Green Jelly from reaching its destination, this game is sure to tease and torment even the hardiest puzzle fanatic. Green Jelly is available for download for iPhone and iPad



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