CC Powerslam #14 – Survivor Series, The Shield and Reign of Punk

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Welcome to the 14th episode of CC Powerslam, Capsule Computers Wrestling Podcast! In our fourteenth episode we introduce a new format for Powerslam. The new format takes focus off the PPV and puts more emphasis on the WWE landscape as a whole. We hope you enjoy it. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

Cast: Luke Halliday, Dustin Spencer and Jahanzeb Khan

Music: ‘Powerslam My Heart’ – CC Powerslam Theme


Episode #14: Survivor Series, The Shield and Reign of Punk



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Topics discussed:

– Survivor Series 2012 PPV
– 3 Man Band Baby!
– The Shield for Injustice
– Too much TV in 1 week
– Punk’s long title reign
– The heart-attack segment
– Ryback’s hungry quest
– The Peoples Part-time Champion, The Rock!
– TLC is inconsequential?
– WWE doesn’t know how phones work
– The AJ Scandal is Scandalous
– Dolph Ziggler needs to win


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