Obtain free Microsoft Points for playing Halo 4 multiplayer

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Today Microsoft’s biggest title of the entire year was released and the company has provided a neat little reward for those of you who love to play Halo online. Those who are signed up to the Xbox Live Rewards program will be able to obtain various amounts of Microsoft Points depending on how long they play.

Gamers who play over 140 hours of online multiplayer will obtain 600 MSP while people who play for over 70 hours will obtain 300 MSP. Finally people who play a measly 35 hours can obtain 100 MSP. It is also worth noting that if you purchase 3000 MSP on Halo content you will receive 200 points back, 1500 points will net you 100 and if you manage to spend 3000 points and also play for 35 multiplayer hours then you will net 800 MSP back. This offer will end on November 30th.

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