Magrunner – Sci-Fi Meets Lovecraft

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In the near future, players will be able to take on the Cthulhu mythos as it was envisioned by the author H.P. Lovecraft. The games setting is this the year 2050 where the Magtech corporation holds a massive tournament where the player and a bunch of other contestants must compete against each other with the use of a magnetic kind of glove.

Essentially players skills and reflexes are put to the test as they solve magnetic puzzles with the use of the Magtech glove, a device capable of manipulating the kind of charge an object holds. This means that players will be making objects attract and repel in an effort to complete the tournament.

What makes this interesting is that throughout the story, you will slowly uncover the truth behind the Magtech corporation and their ties to the Cthulhu mythology. It is in an alternative kind of realm where players true skills will be put to the test.

Magrunner will be released on the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 devices in the future.

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