Xbox Live News with Pipper – October 4, 2012

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Welcome one and all to Xbox Live News with Pipper. Crazy how the seasons pass us by, and it is already October! Starting to get a bit cold up in my neck of the woods, so I’ll be zipping up my sweatshirt before going to work – playing video games. Looks like we have a wallop of deals to go around, so let’s play some hot potato!

Deals of the Week

Name Discount Dates Price
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Oct 2 to Oct 8 600
Dungeon Fighter LIVE 400
Street Fighter 3 Online Edition 600
Super Street Fighter 2 THD 600
Toy Soldiers: Cold War Oct 9 to Oct 15 600
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Napalm 200
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire 200
Toy Soldiers 400
Toy Soldiers – Invasion! 200
Toy Soldiers – The Kaiser’s Battle 200
A World of Keflings 400
Renegade Ops 600
Splatters 400

New Releases

Sonic Adventures 2 should be quite the hit for this week on Xbox Live. Naughty Bear will prove to be quite naughty at times, and I see Ghost Recon Super Soldier has made it onto Games On Demand.

Name Release Date Microsoft Points
NIGHTS into Dreams 5-Oct 800
Sonic Adventure 2 5-Oct 800
Worms Revolution 10-Oct 1200
Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise 10-Oct 1200
Pool Nation 12-Oct 800
(Games Add-Ons)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Khyber Strike 9-Oct 800
A World of Keflings: Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice 10-Oct 320
(Games on Demand)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier 2-Oct
Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 2-Oct
Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues 2-Oct
NCAA Football 13 9-Oct
Ice Age: Continental Drift: Arctic Games 9-Oct
Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked! 9-Oct
Frankenweenie 2-Oct
NHL Update 2-Oct
NBA 2K 13 2-Oct
Resident Evil 6 2-Oct

In addition to the deals above, Activision is packing the heat this week with loads of price cuts. Modern Warfare 3 can be purchased for $44.99 (25% off), and Collection 1 and 2 packs are available for a mere 600 MSP each. If that wasn’t enough, Modern Warfare 2 has been sliced down to $19.99, and both Stimulus and Resurgence packs are at 600 MSP. Oh wait, I forgot there was more. Black Ops can be purchased for $39.99, and all four map packs can be bought for – you’ve guessed it – 600 MSP. Other titles like Transformers: WFC, Prototype, Prototype 2, Apache: Air Assault, Arkadian, and Carcassonna have all taken price cuts. You can find the rest of these amazing deals on your Xbox Dashboard, so be quick as these deals only last until October 8th!

Hopefully these deals will satisfy your hunger for a couple weeks. If not you can always express your complaints in the comments below, and we can direct the message. I would like to personally thank everyone for tuning in again for another chapter of Xbox Live News with Pipper. Remember to take an hour break from your MMORPG to give some love to your console games, and always remember to “Play Hard or Don’t Play At All!”

Love video games enough to go to school for it!

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