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Nethergate: Resurrection meets Steam

Spiderweb Software is excited to share with its fans that Nethergate has been “resurrected” and is now available on Steam! Not only is it now available on Steam, but Nethergate: Resurrection is utterly affordable at a mere $3.99 until October 12th. That means you have less than a week in order to snatch up this ridiculous offer and play an old fashioned indie role playing game.

So what’s all the fuss about. Nethergate: Resurrection takes you back in time to old Britannia when there is a not so pleasant rivalry between the native Celts and invading Romans. Land burdened by war, Britannia is subjugated to a bloody war to which neither side is willing to admit defeat. As warriors clash blades and ancient magics are unearthed, only one faction will rule – and you get to make that choice. Are you one of the savage Celts or a land hungry Roman?

Check out the affordable game on Steam and look at the screenshots below.

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