Moshi Monsters rollercoaster returns for Christmas to Australia

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The much anticipated Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park is upon us and is set to dominate Christmas again after the massive success of its predecessor Moshling Zoo, Australias No.1 selling Nintendo DS title of 2011. Developed by Mindcandy, the title is exclusive to the 3DS and DS and is available now from all major retailers. Moshi Monsters has become a worldwide phenomena with 70 million registered users across the world, and the new instalment take players on a journey through a brand new and vastly differing Moshi Universe where they explore and work to b the Moshi Universe Theme Park.

Those lucky enough to hunt down the limited edition packages of the game will also get a 7 day membership to, an ultra rare virtual Moshling as well as a Topps trading card and 3 Moshlings Theme Park virtual codes. There is also a huge amount of content to unlock whether via secret codes kids must find online or by getting highscores on the DS. Theme Park also marks the first time that the characters have entered the 3D realm. Just in case you wanted more, Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park also introduces a brand new character named Furnando, who joins the 60 strong army to get the Theme Park rebuilt and back in a functioning state.

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