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inSANE is not dead yet according to Guillermo del Toro

As some of you may know, inSANE was originally meant to be a trilogy of games from director Guillermo del Toro that would be published by THQ starting in 2013 but unfortunately earlier this year THQ dropped the series and returned the IP rights back to del Toro.

Since then, del Toro has been quiet about his plans for the game series but today during an interview with Kotaku at New York Comic Con he revealed that he is “talking to developers” and is “not giving up” on the game. When asked whom he would love to have develop the titles, he stated that he was “a big fan of valve.” Makes sense, considering he revealed that the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, will be voicing an AI in his upcoming movie Pacific Rim.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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