Greenman Gaming Aliens and Space Sale

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Not to be outdone by Steam’s legendary sales, digital download new comer heavyweight Greenman Gaming is entering the Halloween Sales fray with their very own Aliens and Space promo. Games with the Aliens and Space theme are being knocked down up to 75% of their regular price. The downloads are split between Greenman Gaming’s own Capsule downloader that allows players to trade in used downloaded game for store credit and Steam keys. If you are attempting to keep everything on Steam, make sure you real the minimum requirements carefully to see what platform the game will be downloaded to.

Major titles on sale includes the Red Faction series, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War II Chaos, Unstoppable Gorg, Nexuiz, S.P.A.Z., and Warhammer 40k Space Marine. Check out the full list of games on sale here.

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