Farming Simulator 2013 Launch Trailer

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Farming Simulator 2013 is finally going to be released, in Europe at least, which means now is the perfect time to release a launch trailer.  In unrelated news, Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software have just released a launch trailer for Farming Simulator 2013, no wait, that’s completely related.  Anyway the trailer gives another look at the new features of the game from crops, to animals, to the more than 100 pieces of farming equipment in the form of vehicles and machines.

The game will finally be in European players’ hands this week, while UK players will have to wait until next week, with US/Canada getting the long end of the wait for its November release there.  Be sure to check out the launch trailer for Farming Simulator 2013 embedded below and get that last taste of what will be coming before players can enjoy the full meal of its official release.

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