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CC Screen: Emily Owens, M.D. 01×02 “And the Awkwardness Continues..”

The premiere of Emily Owens, M.D. wasn’t terribly promising, in the way that it was a far more awkward and neurotic version of Grey’s Anatomy. The first scene of the second episode takes this awkwardness to a whole new level as Emily has to deal with the fact that she revealed her feelings to Will last week.

Kicking off the episode by saying “Hey Willie!” in front of a whole bunch of people, most of which don’t like her, it was clear this was going to bring some cringes out.

I know a few males who like Grey’s Anatomy, some who love it, but I don’t see any guys liking this show. It’s squarely aimed at women, or teenage girls who have yet to gotten control of their awkward stage.

Most of the episode is Emily dealing with Will shooting her down and trying to move on with it. Again, Emily’s looks are insulted, which is like when Tina Fey pretends she’s ugly. Just completely ridiculous.

It turns out two years ago Will left her a message when he was drunk telling her that they should date, but it was never brought up again. So instead Emily just nursed it in her heart until it turned into a huge, embarrassing crush. She tells Will she’s over him and pretends she has a crush on Resident Micah, but later admits that it was a lie and they share a nice conversation on the roof. I have to admit, after their conversation I like their relationship with each other a lot more, but only as a friendship. At the end of the episode it’s revealed that she kept the message (of course she did) and she deletes it, only to end up calling up her phone provider and begging them to return it. Sigh.

In situations that don’t involve Will, or her interaction with people who intimidate her, Emily is not nearly as annoying. But get her in a place with the Chief of Staff, her arch-enemy Cassandra, and the nurses, and she flips out.

The nurses are another big part of the story, after her hitting on one of them last week to figure out if she was gay, the nurses think that she’s a shark. Which is the complete opposite of what she is, but they aren’t too bothered with that detail.

Micah and Emily flirt a bit in the episode, though she remains clueless to his obvious feelings for her, and when she spends her free time sitting with his mother who is receiving chemo, he has this look on his face that screams his feelings for her. At least Emily doesn’t overthink everything had happens when they’re together, which is a nice change from her obsessiveness with Will.

The patients in the episode are an older man with heart issues, and a young woman with OCD. The theme of their cases is ‘beating the odds’, which results in the older man fighting and making it through an open heart surgery despite his advanced age and declining health, while the younger woman doesn’t make it through what is meant to be a simple brain surgery.

Hopefully Emily Owens, M.D. can start to move past the more cringeworthy of scenes and more towards the inclusion of other characters, the pairing of Emily with someone who doesn’t cause her to go crazy and neurotic, and sets itself apart a bit more. The acting skill has the possibility to do so much more, and hopefully it starts to do that.

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Jessica Barabas-Bui
Jessica Barabas-Bui
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