WWE ’13 is the next entry in THQ’s line of wresting games based on the WWE and it is the second to sport the WWE name, following last year’s WWE ’12. The main focus of the game is all about the clash of two eras: the current PG (or Reality) Era and the Attitude Era, which was the key turning point in the Monday Night Wars between the WWE and WCW. At the EB Expo, Capsule Computers had a chance to try out the latest build.

The build contained five matches, all one on one. One of my favourite matches is Extreme Rules, which involve no disqualification or count outs. A staple of the third company during the 90’s, ECW, the Extreme Rules match is all about weapons and carnage. Upon entering the roster screen, I noticed that there were quite a few Superstars on offer. The roster is divided into two based on what era the Superstar is from. My fellow editor, Luke Halliday, chose the Show Off Dolph Ziggler, while my chosen Superstar was the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.

As the entrances for the Superstars boot up, I noticed how visually impressive I was with the environments. The current Smackdown arena was recreated perfectly and the Show Off himself looks great. Shawn Michaels, on the other hand, may need some more work done. He reminded me of a Superstar created in the Create-A-Wrestler mode. Then again, this was the Attitude Era Shawn Michaels, when he was one third of the original DX.  I think I need a refresher in what Michaels looked like in the Attitude Era.

With all of that out of the way, it’s time for the match. The controls are exactly like WWE ’12, so those who did purchase the previous edition should easily pick up and play. Grapples are executed with A/X in combination with the left stick. Before actually doing a move, the Superstar will enter a clutch. Holding the A/X while in a clutch executes a submission move. The Breaking Point submission system is back, which is effectively a button mashing mini game. New to the series are these OMG Moments. One occurs on the barricade and requires a finisher to execute. As Ziggler rests on the barricade, Michaels spears Ziggler through the barricade, breaking it and spilling the fight into the crowd, albeit temporarily. What was interesting is that the crowd did not react to the moment at all. Odd, considering the fight is right next to them.

WWE ’13 improves on what was established in WWE ’12 and that’s no small feat. While the core gameplay is still essentially the same, the drawcard has to be the introduction of the Attitude Era. This is the era that created the wrestling juggernaut of the present day. Seeing the Attitude Era Superstars clashing with the present day is always exciting and perfect for those who have dream match up, like Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk. We shall see, however, if we will live the revolution when it is released later this month.

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