Transformers 4 Plot Details Revealed

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Autobots transform and rollout!

Hasbro president and CEO, Brian Goldner recently spoke at the UBS Best Of Americas 2012 Conference revealing some of the companies’ future plans for the Transformers franchise. Apparently while Transformers: Dark of the Moon did generally well at the box office, it sold less toys than expected – which is exactly what these kinds of films are meant to do. This has encouraged them to take Transformers 4 in an entirely new direction.

So what does this mean? An entirely new cast of robots! After all, the last three films have been pretty much the same robots, so pretty much generating the same toys. This new cast will shake-up the franchise with new faces and new storylines, giving movie viewers something new, kids new toys to buy and also Michael Bay a chance to set up a new trilogy for the next director after he leaves the series. Word is this new script will even include some action “off planet” as well! A temporary logo has also been revealed, which you can see above.

Transformers 4 is expected to hit cinemas on June 27, 2014.

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