The Gaming Connection Episode 3 – LAN Gaming

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Welcome to the third episode of The Gaming Connection with me as your host, Benjamin “LinkageAX” Webb. This week we look at the phenomenae of LAN gaming, this is, gaming over a Local Area Connection. Of course, this has many connotations to it, but for the most part, we shall be looking at the party aspect. Enjoy.

Gameplay is included.

The Episode is titled The Gaming Connection with LinkageAX – LAN Gaming. Hope you enjoy it!

This weeks agenda is as follows –

The Gaming Connection –
With LinkageAX.

Topic: LAN Gaming

Agenda –

-What defines LAN gaming?
-Why They’re so fun.
-Introduce LAN clip.

Recommended Titles
-Warcraft 3
-Unreal Tournament 2k4
-Counter Strike
-Nothing too modern as most games dont include local


-Connecting with you: What are your favourite LAN games and why? #GamingConnection
-Check out my twitter @LinkageAX
-Check out our official website
Ending comments clip
-See everyone off

Just remember guys, you can contact me on Twitter with any feedback and responses for the show @LinkageAX. You can also reach me privately at my email address

The opinions shared in this series are my own and not reflect the views of Capsule Computers as a whole. Check out the video embedded below for this weeks Gaming Connection goodness.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.

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