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Take down Mount Jackmore to win some neat Borderlands 2 prizes

Although the release of Borderlands 2 may only be a day away in North America, nearly every other region in the world has to wait a few more days. It seems that in an effort to make these extra days pass by a little bit faster, Gearbox Software has chosen to launch a new little game called “Mount Jackmore” which allows players to possibly win some special Borderlands 2 items and even Limited Edition Loot Lockers.

In the game, which can be found here, players will be given 100 bullets to shoot at the arrogant face of Handsome Jack which has been carved into a mountain. Gamers will be able to win special prizes as the rock itself is chipped away, and will have to occasionally compete with one another to hit specific spots. Now since North America is getting the game tomorrow, they aren’t able to play this version of the game. Instead only residents of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Australia can do so.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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