The original pay what you want indie bundle is back with another blockbuster group of indie games in support of the Child’s Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Need to get your dose of Torchlight before the September 20th, 2012 release date of Torchlight II? First up is the critically acclaimed Diablo 2 inspired action RPG Torchlight. Next, Humble Bundle is offering two major platformers, the sci-fi action game Rochard and the steampunk puzzler Vessel. Finally, there is the physics based brick breaker Shatter and the top down space combat sim Space Pirates and Zombies. For those who pay more than the average will get the acrobatic platformer Dustforce. Also included for those who love music are the soundtracks for Torchlight, Space Pirates and Zombies, Shatter, Rochard, and Dustforce.

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