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Earn to Die soon to be available on App Store

“Attention! Attention all survivors! Proceed to Airfield B-13 for an emergency evacuation…”

Welcome to the world of Earn To Die, a game of survival where you take a decrepit vehicle to drive through the barren desert full of rotting zombies to reach safety! This popular Flash game has been played over 150 million times and now the teams that brought it to life, Toffee Games and Sydney-based Not Doppler, will soon be releasing it for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through App Store. The game’s features include a new Story Mode with eight new levels, eight customisable vehicles, Championship Mode to challenge your friends and improved graphics.

We’ll keep you updated on the release date but it has been announced that the game will be available at $0.99USD for the iPhone and iPod Touch and $2.99 for the iPad.

Jorel Alvarez
Jorel Alvarez
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