Bundle In A Box: Deep Space Released

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Bundle In A Box is back with their second themed indie bundle, Deep Space. Deep Space features space based indie games that range from top down shooters to adventure games. The Bundle In A Box features the traditional pay what you want scheme with a special bonus of four games for those who pay more than the average purchase price. Combined with the five games that comes with the bundle, this brings the total games in the Deep Space bundle to nine. The bundle contains Space Giraffe, an abstract action arcade shooter; Death Ray Manta, an arena shooter exclusive to the bundle; The Wreckless, a single player space combat sim; Dark Scavenger, a strategic adventure game and Armalyte, a port of the classic Commodore 64 shoot ’em up. For those who pay more than the average, buyers will get  Sol: Exodus, a space shooter; Miner Wars Arena, an arcade game inspired by Tunneler; RobotRiot, a platformer and a pile of extras for Armalyte. Check out the Bundle in a Box: Deep Space here.

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