A Game of Dwarves: Names Needed!

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Today marks a special day for Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios as a website has been launched just for some adventure hungry dwarves. The game “A Game of Dwarves” surrounds a new found colony of beer stricken short folk that is striving to reclaim their ancestry of grand civilization and treasure – but more so treasure. Dwarves will be able to learn different facets of civilization such as becoming scholars, warriors, and diggers. I wonder if there will be a class specifically designated as ale drinkers?

A Game of Dwarves is set to be released for PC on October 23, 2012. To gather further information about A Game of Dwarves, check out their newly created website here. In addition to the dwarves emerging on a new website, Zeal Game Studios is hosting a contest to include public driven name creation for some of the dwarven settlers. Name creation is as easy as making up names like: Finkle Von Stinkleburg or Bob. Okay, the last one isn’t convincing. Zeal Game Studios will randomly select five of the created names at the A Game of Dwarves Facebook Page. The contest ends on October 5th, so be quick to enter your unique name.

Don’t forget to check out the trailer below to catch a glimpse of drunken dwarves in action.

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