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Indie Royale The Gone Fishin’ Bundle Released

Indie Royale is back at it again with The Gone Fishin’ Bundle. This bundle contains seven indie games with a moving minimum price. The more people who pay the minimum price, the higher the minimum price. Those who pay more than the minimum will drive the minimum price down for others.

The Gone Fishin’ Bundle contains Seamless Entertainment’s 3D space shooter SOL: Exodus for Steam, Desura, and DRM free download, Double Six’s top down zombie shooter All Zombies Must Die! for Steam, 3 Sprocket’s tower defense title Cubemen for Steam, Desura, and DRM free download, 3 Sprocket’s Missle Command style game VectorGeddon for DRM free download, The Game Breakers’s strategy/RPG game Squids, and finally Magiko Gaming’s two platformer titles Platformance: Castle Pain and Platformance: Temple Death. These two insanely difficult platformers were previously only available on Xbox and are available for DRM free download and Desura. As an added bonus for those who pay more than $8.00, Indie Royale included Floex’s debut album Pocustone. Floex was responsible for Machinarium’s soundtrack.

Jamie Laike Tsui
Jamie Laike Tsui
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